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General 2016 Price List:
Solar Panel 2-axis Tracker Control System MkIV with auto wind stow: $300 @ qty 25
Dish-Pointing MkI Control System with millimetric target adjustment: $750 @ qty 5
Communications, control, or simulation software package 2016 upgrade $4000.
Radiant Heat Smart Thermostat MkII 222$ installed, optional 5$/mo energy optimizing service.
Customized Simulation Software:
New license $10 800 (incl. 2 weeks on-site support, for customization & training), PC + OS Add 700$, or pay $120 for one simulation sequence optimization carpet plot result. .
Consulting, Testing, Thermography rates: $120 1st hr, 84 / add'l hr.
We price and bid development contracts for software modules and other solutions.
You can reach us at biz@energycontrollab.com

The Energy Control Lab provides rapid, inexpensive, outstanding software, hardware, embedded control systems, simulations, and individually optimized solar power plant design. Our business in Palo Alto, in the Bay Area of Northern California, affords easy access to prime sunshine collection and testing sites.

Our products include solar power systems, battery managers, vibration, acoustic, and remote data acquisition and sensing equipment and control systems with remote network  interfaces.

Please let us know what your energy control problems, needs, or questions are. We offer a wide range of solution time frames, performance, and cost.

An extensive history of unique simulation expertise includes games, economics, large and flexible mechanism structure and controls evolution and optimization, and DeepString ©, a miles-deep oil well pumping simulation. More simulation information can be found in the Simulations section.